Steel roofs: let’s solve the mystery!

Did you know that a steel roof is virtually indestructible? That’s one of the many reasons Gouttières X-Treme Plus is a manufacturer and a distributor.

This month, we like to explain how steel can be used for your renovation and building projects and also explore its various facets.

Gouttières X-Treme, Steel manufacturer-distributor

We design and offer several steel products, in a full range of services. We supply many professional roofers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. For instance, we manufacture and distribute steel siding and metal roofing and we also specialize in steel bending, molding and accessories.

Steel is a very durable metal alloy

Undoubtedly, steel is the roofing material that will best resist the hands of time. Low maintenance, it’s ultra-resistant, does not absorb moisture and prevents the growth of mold or fungi.

Steel sidings

Steel sidings can be used for residential building or renovation projects. It can also be utilized in agricultural or commercial contexts. For the owners who are both conscious of the image and strength of their roof, steel is a great option.

It withstands high winds as well as torrid heat. It’s also resistant to denting, warping, fire, ended, chalking, fading and brittleness in cold weather.

Gouttières X-Treme Plus therefore offers a beautiful palette of colors to embellish the exterior of your home. The rich colors and many textures will give your home a remarkable finish while protecting it with a steel screen.

Metallic roof made of steel

You would like to choose a long-lasting roof? Steel is an excellent choice that stands out for several reasons.

First, you will never have to worry about costly repairs or maintenance even after several rain storms, snow and hail. They are designed to withstand winds over 200 kilometers per hour and furthermore, steel does not burn unlike traditional asphalt shingles, cedar or pine. Adding a steel roof also helps to reduce the heat on your building and makes you save money on cooling costs.

Specialty steel folding

Thanks to the cutting edge technology of our industrial equipment, we offer personalized, versatile folding services. Approaches can vary from one business to another, but we can customize steel folding up to 21 feet of length. Whether it’s for decorative items for your home, window sills, grids or flower boxes, we can manufacture any of them.

Mouldings and accessories

As you already know, moldings can totally change the look of your home! We can design and fold custom moldings adapted to any type of concept.

At Gouttières X-Treme Plus, we can provide flexibility in the making your steel parts and structures through our partnerships. The company’s strength lies on a reliable and experienced team working with equipment that is at the cutting edge of technology.

We are here to support you in developing your projects every step of the way with an all-inclusive approach. If you have any questions, or if you have a project and will like to request a quote, please get in contact with us through our website and we will reply as soon as possible.