Prepare your gutters for spring cleaning in 2 easy steps!

Taking care of your gutters and your roof is a must when it comes to your spring -cleaning. Although the task seems arduous, it’s necessary to get started, especially after a harsh winter like the one we just went through in the Ottawa region. Gather your courage and your gears to closely verify the outside of your home and to see if any serious damage has been left behind this winter.

We decided to share some of our valuable tips in order to help you in the process of cleaning your roof and gutters. This will definitely prevent any unpleasant surprises, worries, in addition to unexpected expenses.

Step 1: Inspect your roof1

This first step is essential. Before you even take a look at your gutters, you need to verify the condition of your roof for the simple reason that it acts as a shield and is constantly undergoing the rigors of our climate. Wind, freezing, thawing, sun, rain, hail and snow: your roof is continuously put to the test. And with time, it eventually deteriorates. This is why an inspection is required. You must scrutinize and inspect your roof rigorously.

What are the signs of a damaged roof? Normally, it first materializes into water infiltration and also damaged or cracked shingles. The experts will agree:  these are good indicators of your roofs condition. Other parameters must be taken into account so you will need to get on your roof.

However, rest assured if you don’t have an acrobats soul!  Several professionals (including roofers or gutter installers) can help you avoid any injury.

To avoid climbing on a potentially damaged area, we recommend that you contact a professional. There are several in the Ottawa region! Take us for example.  At Gouttières X-Treme, we perform a thorough and secure inspection from the attic all the way up to the shingles. Our approach allows you to have a global view of your roofs condition, supported by a comprehensive report that includes the problems that were acknowledged and also the repairs needed.

You will have everything in handy to repair your roof.

Step 2: Cleaning your gutters

Your gutters protect your home by removing water and small debris from your roof. Spring season is one of the best times to clean them because ideally, you want to be prepared for the rain and the storms that come along with the hot season right around the corner.

A complete clean-up of your gutters

Our thorough cleaning process removes all obstacles that might prevent water from flowing smoothly. At Gouttières X-Treme, we take on the following steps:

– Inspect your gutters and your downspouts;
– Manually clear out debris that is jammed;
– Test the water flow in each downpipe;
– Unblock your downspouts;
– Collect and destroy the debris away from your residence.

You now have clean, functional pipes and your drainage system is now 100% operational.

Our tips

We recommend that you clean your gutters at least once a year. A thorough cleaning in the fall and at spring time is the ideal situation. In fact, you not only avoid problems in the coming year, you also increases the life of your pipes and saves yourself from having to repair or replace them after every thaw. It’s a wise investment, both mid to long term.

If you live in a wooded area, like many of us in the Ottawa areas, the leaves and thorns can quickly accumulate. Even in small quantities can be transformed into plugs which will block the flow of water. Unfortunately, the consequences of this problem can be very expensive.

Stagnant water in your pipes can:

– Damage the exterior sidings, landscaping and the foundation of your home;
– Freeze in winter and form small ice barriers that can cause leaks in your roof;
– Induce sagging pipes or even break their fixings, creating leaks and water damage.

These problems can easily be avoided with a simple annual inspection.

Inspecting your roof and your gutters can be tedious, but especially dangerous. To avoid any incidents, hire the professionals from Gouttières X-Treme.

You can reach us at 819-669-0999 (Toll Free : (877) 449-0999) otherwise, to get a free estimate, complete our online submission form now, with no obligation.