Choosing the right exterior siding

When it comes to sidings, home-owners have access to a universe of options, for all taste and budgets but also many different levels of quality. So when choosing this product for your home, do not make the mistake to only consider the price. There are several other elements that come into play in the purchase equation. For example, consider the maintenance costs and also those of future repairs.

Renovating or finalizing the development of your new home, Gouttières X-Treme offers a turnkey approach that guarantees your sidings will meet the highest quality standards. Besides, this article was written to guide you through the different possibilities of criteria’s and options that are available on the market.

Choosing the right exterior siding:

When selecting your siding, you should ask yourself these 5 key questions:

  1. Water resistance. Remember that the types of sidings resistant to water have a longer lifespan.
  2. Energy efficiency. Check the level of the R Value to ensure that your siding guarantees a good energy saving. It will also tell you if it’s necessary to have insulation under it.
  3. Aesthetics. Opt for an exterior siding that matches your tastes. Remember that you will see it every day for many years to come.
  4. Versatility. Consider choosing a versatile siding, designed to meet the different needs of your project. For example, some outdoor areas of your home can require a particular type of siding, because it’s more difficult to isolate. Be sure to understand the additional costs and adjustments.
  5. 5. Sustainability. Be certain that your siding has the strength to withstand the Quebec temperature changes. Our climates daily wear and tear can cause long-term harm. Go for good quality, it’s safer.

Types of siding available at Gouttières X-Treme

Engineered wood siding /CANEXEL

It is one of a kind, unique and authentic.

Prefinished sidings made from wood fiber, resin and wax bonded under pressure. This is a very stable product and also very resistant to moisture. Factory finished, so you are sure that this is a durable and requires very little maintenance.

It combines all the benefits and beauty of regular wood siding. In addition, it’s recommended without the drawbacks such as mold, cracking, splitting and termite damage.

Fiber cement sidings / James Hardie

It is made mainly from cement, sand and wood fiber (often fiber waste or recycled wood).  It’s a combination of extremely durable materials.

In addition, it’s designed to withstand the most severe conditions, which is far from being negligible. So it resists retreat, swelling and cracking, even after years of exposure to heavy rains and frost. In addition, it’s resistant even to fire, high winds, insects and rain.

This is a product that comes in a wide range of colors and styles that looks like conventional siding materials, notably wood or stucco.

In terms of cost, the price of fiber cement siding is generally higher than that of vinyl. However, it’s more affordable than stucco. An investment to consider

Cedar shingle siding / Royal  Building Products

By opting for the Cedar siding (or cedar siding), you instantly switch your home to another level. Heat, aesthetic:  everything seems improved. Indeed, this type of coating offers the charm and beauty that you cannot get with plastic substitutes.

We are talking about a siding that resistant to mildew, corrosion and insect attacks. It requires very little maintenance and in addition, it produces less greenhouse gas, resulting in less pollution, both in the air and water.

In terms of cost, cedar shingles are less expensive than composite materials.

Finally, thanks to its low density, cedar is a great natural thermal insulator.

Vinyl siding / Mitten

This is the most popular choice made by home-owners and entrepreneurs today. One of his most valuable marketing assets is that of being a very economical siding.

It’s easy to clean, durable, reliable and very aesthetic. In short, it’s a very popular investment, excellent quality and price ratio.

Insulating aluminum sidings / Gentek

By opting for aluminum sidings by Gentek, you create an energy efficient cover around your property.

Also, its insulating properties allow you to enjoy a warmer home in winter and cooler in the summer. Conclusion: less spending related to energy!

Of course, we are talking here about a superior panel. Its high density insulation creates an integrated coating system of resistance and a remarkable performance. Furthermore, its aluminum siding are cheaper and easier to maintain in good condition.

It’s a very robust product and does not corrode over time.

Metal sidings / MetalUnic

One of the very significant benefits of the metal sidings is the low maintenance. If properly installed, the owner can have peace of mind for a long moment.

Moreover, it’s highly resistant to snow, ice, frost, rain and wind. Even heat has little effect on the metal of this siding. Because of its material, it does not absorb moisture or does not allow the growth of mold or fungi. It also effectively to repel insects, which is not negligible.

Also note that the metal has appreciated aesthetic qualities for many home-owners and entrepreneurs.

In addition, metal sidings have excellent fire resistance. It’s a huge advantage if the house is situated in an area where fires or storms are frequent.

We are talking here of a siding that provides excellent protection. And, of course, that protection has the advantages to cheer for with your insurance, which will result in a drop in your monthly premiums.

Do you still have questions about how to choose a good exterior siding?

As you can see, we have thoroughly explored the universe of exterior facing more than once. We have also advised numerous clients on the subject, in either areas of Gatineau and Ottawa.

Gouttières X-Treme is not limited to only gutters: it’s also experts in exterior sidings.  Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.