Alu-Rex offers two solutions to eavestrough-related problems:

1. T-Rex—the continuous eavestrough fastening system that significantly strengthens new eavestroughs while incorporating a gutter cover that protects them from damage by leaves, ice, and ladders
2. Gutter Clean System—the eavestrough leaf guard that prevents leaves and ice from clogging your eavestroughs

T-Rex® – The Most Powerful Eavestrough Fastening System in the World.

Here are some good reasons to choose T-Rex when you install your new eavestroughs.
T-Rex eavestrough Fastening system eliminates:

• The risks of snow and ice damaging and bending your eavestroughs
• Eavestrough bending caused by ladders and tree branches
• Eavestrough overflow caused by buildup of leaves and residue
• The hassle of cleaning out eavestroughs clogged by leaves
• Periodic eavestrough upkeep
• Rotting debris in the eavestroughs
• The risks of using a ladder and walking on the roof

With the T-Rex eavestrough fastening solution:

• Your eavestroughs are guaranteed to be stronger and more efficient
• You maintain the style and integrity of your home thanks to the look and performance of your eavestroughs
• You forget that you ever had to do eavestrough upkeep
• You have more time to enjoy life!